Valentine’s day with family a real fun time how?

By now we are aware that Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers. Instead, it is a day to express love to all those about whom you care. In our busy schedules of survival, we often forget to tell our family how important they are to us. So why not this year let’s do something different. Rather than letting it be just a romantic love festival make it a bit more than that.

Since, you have decided to celebrate and surprise your family do not let things like getting broke, lack of time or any other spoil the arrangement.

For those who are eager to put this thought into action, here are some fruitful ideas those will help you put it all together.

To start with write a letter of appreciation

You might be the one who shy away from telling how much you love your parents. So buck up guts and write a letter to them thanking for all the things they have done for you. If you are a parent yourself draft a letter for your kids and slide it under their pillow. Once they wake to the day you would surely be the first one to bring a smile on their faces letting them know how much you love them.

Gift not always the best way to express

Emotions and time are the strongest feelings that can affect and melt anybody. Therefore, it proves material gifts are not always what everybody wants. So, try to spend time with your siblings, parents and other relatives which are rare nowadays. If you think there is something additional you want to do for them then make something handmade and useful for them.

Wake up early

If you have some interesting way to arrange for the day then wake up early. It will solve two purpose one you will get a chance to meet everyone at breakfast together and more time to make arrangements. Like a musical chair in the evening, a bonfire or a little dance party.

Play interesting games

If you have big joint family divide it into two teams. Play games like baking competition, hide and seek or even a traditional game that your family loves to play. It will revive the energy and give you all a fun time that had been missing all this while.

Valentine's Day with family

Spread love

As parents, you can educate your kids about this day and help them spread love amongst friends, teachers, relatives and even neighbors. Help them make this day beautiful for someone needy and bring a smile on their face.

Valentine’s Day is the day of love so why not celebrate it in a new way. You do not need to invite anybody form outside just you and your family can have a lot of fun at home. Slice out time from your busy schedule and grab this golden time to spend with family and spread the love.

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