The Long and Fascinating History of Friendship Rings

Friendship rings, or promise rings as they are now frequently called, are given to indicate commitment between the closest of friends. The level of commitment indicated may involve a decision to get married, or it can indicate a non-romantic wish that a pact of friendship should always be remembered and honored.

The historical origins of the friendship rings stretches back to the Ancient world. Thousands of years ago rings were worn on necks, noses and ears. Most researchers believe that the use of finger rings was first popularized in Ancient Egypt. A few thousand years later the Greeks were using rings to indicate commitments. In Roman times betrothal rings became popular, and rings with twin hands representing faith (appropriately enough known as faith rings) appeared on the scene. Almost the Romans were the first to introduce the custom of wearing the ring on the third finger of the left hand and engraving rings was another innovation that appeared in Roman times.

During the Medieval age the giving of friendship rings with clasped hands was popular, while wealthier people began to have costly jewels set into their rings. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries poesy rings were introduced, with poesy referring to a style of poetry where short lines on the themes of romance or faith were engraved on rings. These rings were commonly given as what we would call engagement rings. Similarly designed rings are still sold today in a number of online stores and other outlets.

There is general agreement that a major leap forward in the history of friendship rings occurred in late seventeenth and early eighth century Ireland in the Galway Bay area of ​​Western Ireland, and in particular around Claddagh and nearby fishing villages. A local goldsmith named Richard Joyce designed a ring that has become known as the claddagh ring. His design of two hands clasping a heart symbol with a crown engraved above it has become one of the most enduring and sent after friendship ring designs. According to the local legend he learned his craft while held prisoner by Algerian pirates. Clearly he must already have been a person of means with connections in high places since the King of England is supposedly to have intervened and secured his release. Faced with the offer of marrying the daughter of his Algerian master and coming into a rich inheritance, he decided he would abandonless prefer to return to Ireland.

Joyce's jewelry business did not continue into the mid-eighth century and for a while while the claddagh ring went out of fashion. However, the success he had enjoyed was remembered by other jewelers in the Galway area and they successfully reintroduced the idea. Until the mid-nineteenth century the popularity of the claddagh ring did not extend far beyond the Galway Bay region. The introduction of the mechanization into jewelry manufacture in the mid-nineteenth century opened up new possibilities to market these friendship rings to a wider clientele at more competitive prices. From this time onwards, the claddagh ring began to build its international profile. Today a variety of designs using identical are similar themes rank high in the popularity lists of friendship rings sold in many jewelry shops and via online sites.

The amazing growth of the online friendship ring market represents one of the most striking contemporary developments in the history of friendship rings. In addition the idea of ​​giving friendship rings is spreading across cultural and national barriers. Never have people has such a range of designs and ring materials to choose from nor such convenient ways of buying a ring that meets their ambitions.

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My Husband Wants To See Where Our Relationship Leads During Our Separation – What Does This Mean?

One thing that frustrates many wives who are newly separated or taking a husband initiated "break" from their marriage is the husband's lack of clarity about how things are going to work. The wife often wants that he could be specific about how things are going to unfold in the days and weeks to come. Often, what she'd like is for him to define the relationship and to specify how often they are going to see each other, how intimate they're going to be, and quite how things are going to end up with their relationship and Their marriage.

Usually though, the exact opposite happens. The husband wants to leave things more open ended because he is not sure what he wants. I recently heard from a wife who said: "I am so frustrated right now. My marriage has been struggling for a while, but rather than agreeing to get counseling, my husband announced that he's moving out and he wants to separate. Wishes to see either otherwise regularly and he does not intend to file for a divorce any time soon. But, he's adamant that he just wants to just be friends for a while and "see where our relationship leads." What in the world does He mean by this? We're married and now he wants to back up to a friendly relationship and see if that friendship ever turns into a romance? Is not that back?

Questions like these are very common and the wife is often quite responsive to play along because she's worried that the husband wants to have his cake and eat it too. The wives often think that this whole "let's be friends" business is just a way to get the wife to agree to separate without putting up too much of a fight. And meanwhile, the husband is free to explore living living on his own while technically still having a friendly wife at home to fall back on.

I understand these concerns because I felt them myself. And it's very tempting to want to tell your husband that you are not buying any of this and do not want any part of his plan. But often, pushing him into making a permanent decision could backfire. Very often when wives play this card, the husband will simply reply that if you'd rather have less contact, a formal separation, or a divorce, then he will understand. So sometimes, it becomes obvious that if you want regular access to him (which you are going to need if you want to save your marriage) it's best to realize that two can play this game and that you can play it every bit as well as He can.

What A Husband Generally Means When He Says He Wants To "See Where Your Relationship Leads": I know that this is a very vague phrase which can make it sound as if your husband is talking in riddles. But I do correspond with a lot of men who reach out to me my blog and I can tell you that often when they go with the whole "let's just see where out relationship leads" stance what they're trying to tell you is that they They are not sure about your marriage but they are not prepared to lose you or walk away from you at this time.

They often feel like things are falling apart in your marriage and they need some time to clear their head to determine where to go from here. With that said, they are not willing to walk away or they would have already done so. So while the "let's start by being friends" stand can mean that they're enjoying the best of both worlds (no longer living with you but still having access to the relationship,) it can also mean that, at least for now, they Have not closed the door.

How To Play It When You're Waiting "To See Where The Relationship Leads:" I know that this can be a very difficult situation to navigate. You're accustomed between wanting to give him the space he obviously needs to wanting to feel some reassurance. So it can be very tempting to push for more than he wants to give, especially at first. It's scary to back off and let him come to his own conclusions.

But much of the time, that's exactly what you need to do because if you push too hard, he may come to believe that giving you this much access to him just is not working. He might think that he feels more pressure rather than feeling less, and so to get relief from this, he may be tempted to draw a line in the sand and cut his ties more quickly. If you're trying to save your marriage, you can not afford for this to happen.

So often the best thing to do is to make it appear as if you're playing along. Sure, you'll be his friend, but you will not be at his beck and call either. The thing that most women in this situation do not realize is that you can often flip this around and use it to you advantage. Sure, you do not have complete access to him, but on the flip side, this means that he does not have full access to you either, which allows you to create a little mystery and scarcity. Things which are not immediately available are often perceived as more valuable. This is just human nature.

So I'd caution you on making it too obvious that you're hanging on his every decision. He wants and is going to take his space and that's unfortunate. But, this gives you an opportunity to do your own thinking and soul searching. It will often put you in a better position if you keep a positive attitude and remain confident that this new arrangement is going to lead him right back to you. And this means that you do not have to experience the inner turmoil that leads you to do desperate things or to appear needy and unsure. Because both of these things will make you seem less attractive to him.

So as hard as it is (and I do know that it's hard,) I believe that the best thing to do in this situation is put a smile on your face and tell him that he can take whatever time needs and that you will do The same. In the meantime, make the most of those friendly times you're spending together. But do not move too quickly. Allow for things to unfold at their own pace and allow him to take the lead sometimes.

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Love Tarot Readings and the Ace of Pentacles

In Love Tarot Readings, the Ace of Pentacles can often be a sign that a new relationship is sure to come. Like all Aces, the Ace of Pentacles can indicate new beginnings. What makes this card so special, however, is that it is the card of opportunity. When it comes to love, it suggests that you get ready to take some chances as luck is certainly on your side.

In love Tarot readings, the Ace of Pentacles urges you to put yourself out there. If you find yourself invited to an event, this would be the time to go. If you are attracted to someone, your just may want to let them know. If you have just embarked on a new relationship this can be a period of steady growth and for those of you who are in a steady relationship you can expect your connection to your partner to deepen.

When it comes to love, The Ace of Pentacles can represent relationships that are based in shared values ​​and similar ideals. The Ace of Pentacles can also represent material comforts and achievements. Relationships that fall under its influence often represent those that come with some degree of financial security. Because it is associated with abundance in general, it can represent a successful and long lasting relationship.

The Ace of Pentacles is also associated to practicality and stability. When embarking on a new relationship it would be wise to keep your head out of the clouds and consider if your relationship has a solid enough foundation to support future growth. If you feel the relationship is moving too quickly, it might be wise to get to know each other a little better. Taking the time to get to know your partner will help your relationship later on. In some cases, the Ace of Pentacles can refer to friends that blossom into romantic relationships.

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The Main Values of Friendship

Good friendship last long if both have some common values to keep their relationship in good harmony. This was apparent through my own experience as a teenager with my best friend.

In my high school days, I have only one close friend, I consider him my best friend forever. We have all in common, from food we eat, games we played, music we sing, etc. Generally, our classmate teased us as twins, although we’ve different physical differences, he was handsome and I was not so attractive. In other words, we act as one in all aspects of what we do.

We only parted ways when we graduated from high school. I continued my college studies and he went to the city to find a job. After a couple of years, I became a teacher and he became a farmer.

6 Common Values for Friendship.

1. Loyalty. We’re both loyal to each other, we see to it not hurt each one of us. We cherished our relationship so much that we were always extra careful not hurt one another. Before we decided to make decisions, we always consult each other the pros and cons of the outcome for our decisions.

2. Trust. We always cultivate a 100% trust level for both of us. Whatever, is the results of what we’ve made, we simply accept each ones opinion wholeheartedly.

3. Honesty. This is the most important value our good friendship lasts for a long time. We’ve always stick to what we believe is right and doesn’t blame one another. We always maintain truthfulness and frankness in our dealing with each other.

4. Respect. No matter what our differences sometimes dominates over our relationship, we always abide to what is more acceptable for both of us. We respect one another in order not to offend each of us.

5. Concern. The feeling of one is the feeling of the other. When I’m not feeling well, he would always be at my side to comfort me. When I’m lonely, depressed and isolated, he’s always there to provide inspiration and guidance what to do. The same is true when he’s experienced the same.

6. Support. To make our relationship more binding, we always support each others in terms of our assignments, projects, and often we helped our classmates who needs our help. Every school related activities we participated in, we always tend to join our efforts to finish the work to create an acceptable result from our teacher.

A good friendship carries these main values based on my own experience with my friend. Following them, made us strong and no external obstacles stained our closeness until he was called to the other side of the world by our creature.

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How Long Does It Take To Form a Friendship?

It is common for people to wonder: how long does it take to form a friendship? We want to understand the dynamics of friendships so we can build them successfully, enhance our social lives and know when to cut our losses.

The Ingredients of Friendship

In order to answer the question above, we first need to understand what makes a friendship. From a psychological perspective, a friendship is not defined by rules or norms, it is defined by emotions.

In other words, you can call a person friend when there are certain positive emotions between you. Among these emotions, some of the most important are comfort and trust. Let’s take a look at how these two emotions develop between two people.

Comfort is an emotion that results from the fact two people know each other and they discover commonalities. Generally, when we’ve just met a new person and they’re almost a stranger, we lack comfort and we feel somewhat apprehensive.

This is because we barely know anything about that person and they barely know anything about us. As we get to know each other, as we discover simple commonalities between us, we start to feel more at ease.

Trust is an element that emerges when we know we can count on a person to be authentic and to help us in need. Trust is formed when two people have integrity, meaning that they align their thoughts with their words and their words with their deeds.

It is also formed when two people show the willingness and ability to support each other. When one person has a problem and the other provides some thoughtful advice, when one person needs a helping hand and the other offers it, trust surfaces.

Back To the Question and the Answer

Now, with a good understanding of the emotional makeup of a friendship, it’s a lot easier to figure out how long it takes to form a friendship.

As a rule, we could say that it takes for a friendship to form the amount of time required for a decent amount of comfort and trust to develop between two people. This doesn’t say a lot, as there is plenty of variation from on case to another, but it does allow us to set some general guidelines.

In general, comfort can be built relatively easy. If two people are open and talkative, they can get to know each other in just a couple of hours of conversation and develop a sense of rapport. These hours of conversation typically happen in just a week or two.

Trust requires a bit more time to develop. The first level of trust appears when two individuals are willing to be authentic and put themselves out there as they are. Provided they’re relatively comfortable in their own skin, this can happen quite quickly.

The second level of trust requires more time, as the friendship needs to be tested. You often only discover that somebody is your true friend when you request of them something important a couple of times, and this can happen over a couple of months.

Overall, it takes a month or two for true trust to develop, and that’s the amount of time it also takes a friendship to form as well. So there you have it: most of the time, it takes one or two months to form a friendship.

Keep in mind though that this interval can vary quite a lot depending on the persons and the social dynamics. If two persons are really sociable, have good conversation skills, share meaningful commonalities and they interact often, a true friendship can emerge in just a couple of weeks.

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