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Taurus in a Relationship

[ad_1] When you think of the quote “slow and steady wins the race,” Taurus is who immediately comes to mind. It may take a while for the Taurus to find a good partner, but once he does, he is completely and utterly committed. This sign needs a strong base foundation …

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Love is Not Love – In Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18, Anyway

[ad_1] Sonnets 18 and 116 are two of Shakespeare’s most quotable love poems. If you’re a fan of weddings, rose-petal-filled baths, or Kate Winslet in Sense and Sensibility, you’ll probably recognize the lines “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” and “Love is not love / Which alters when …

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The Law of Attraction Between Men and Women

[ad_1] Have you ever had an instinctive “knowing” that your relationship is more than simply a connection with another person? That there is a purpose in that connection? That it’s a natural channel for attracting what you want in life, whatever that means for you – being cherished, good health, …

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10 Sad Love Quotes For Your Crying Heart

[ad_1] Is your heart crying out in sadness? Yes, sometimes love hurts. Sad love quotes will help you to express your anguish and your huge heartache, during those times when love hurts. You may be facing difficulties in your relationship. You just had a big fight with your guy or …

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Basic Ingredients of Urdu Poetry

[ad_1] Although Urdu Poetry is a very intricate subject that manifests itself in many different forms, there are certain basic ingredients that characterize every Urdu poem. We will now take a look at how a basic Urdu poem is structured and familiarize ourselves with some of its basic ingredients. In …

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