Easy and Effective Ways to Make Her Want You – Be Her Lover Boy Now!

Getting extremely attracted to someone can be a curse, especially if it’s near terminal case — the nice and horrible feeling collides and you think you’re absolutely powerless on what to do about it — especially if you absolutely have no idea if She’s going to like you back. But then, as the old belief goes, nothing will happen if you do not do something about it — that’s why you should not wonder why all your sulking and whining seem not to get you anywhere. It’s time to get some action, man! Stop all that nonsense of being nervous, scared and anxious around women — it’s time to be her lover now! Below are just a few easy and effective ways to make her want you:

  • Keep her interested. There are plenty of ways to achieve this — and believe me, it’s more than just your hot gorgeous body and a fat wallet. Women are much more smitten with personality, no kidding on that, that’s why you should not wonder why they would go for a smart dude who can make them laugh instead of that drool-worthy heartthrob. It takes more than that.
  • Keep her guessing. Make your conversation a little bit interesting by making her guess on some of the topics you¡¯re having — or better yet, keep her guessing on what you’re going to do next. Spontaneous and unpredictable guys usually catch a girl’s attention — that’s why you should not reveal everything about you right away.
  • Keep your confidence level. When things get a little out of hand, or when a girl simply is not interested, do not get all stressed and pop a vein. It’s really no big deal. Stay cool and confident — no need to slow down just because of a single crappy rejection. Charge it to experience and you’d be luckier soon.
  • Keep flirting. Flirting is your number ally when it comes to getting a girl’s attention. If you know how to flirt, you’re easier to detect — when you’re in a sociable mood, you’re more attractive and women will be drawn to be around you often. So know how to chill out.
  • Build sexual tension. Keep it going! Keep the pace. Once you do, there’s a greater chance to build sexual tension and practically make her fall for you more easily. Creating sexual tension increases your chances for a make-out session and will get you two more attuned to each other’s presence. Just keep going — you’ve definitely got the best part soon.


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What Filipino Men Are Like: The Inside-Scoop

Getting the inside view on what Filipino men are like is as easy as looking into the glass. Typically, most Filipino men are the same. Inwardly, they are all protective. Being males, like most animals, they make sure that their mates are well-cared for. Instinctively, men will do anything to protect their women. This is the reason why, when crossing the street, the men are always on the danger side of the women.

Filipino men are programmed to be gentlemen. Since they were kids, they were taught to respect their elders and be polite. They open doors for their dates, pull out the chairs, open the car doors, etc. When they get down from the vehicle, they hold the woman’s hand to help her down and to prevent her from tripping. These gestures may sound a bit old-world, and some feminists may disapprove, but that’s how Filipino men are. They say “po” or “opo” to address their elders. Being polite and courteous is stitched into their DNA.

They can also be conservative because that’s how they were raised. Old-fashioned Filipino men still prefer women who show less skin to those who show more skin. Sometimes, they also prefer timid and nice girls to the loud and wild ones. Case in point, some men would shun away smoking, alcoholic girls who party all night. Other guys make like these girls, but the typical nice and sweet guy would rather cuddle with the nice girls who stay at home.

Wanting to learn what Filipino men are like is the first step to getting closer to one. One thing about these men is that they are friendly and jolly. They love looking at smiling faces and would rather be with laughing with friends, having a few drinks. They are also outgoing. Even though the Philippine culture is quite conservative, it does not stop people from throwing parties and social get-togeters.

Although they are outgoing, Filipino men have a tendency to keep quiet when it comes to expressing their feelings. They do not really know to say what they feel, and they prefer to keep silent. This is true in situations where they opt to be inoffensive.

Filipino men are known to be generous and very hard-working. When they have something to share, they do share it with friends or family. They are considered to be excellent breadwinners of their families because they always put the needs of the entire family first. This is the reason why men work hard and concentrate on their work.

Filipino men, especially those raised Christian, are God-fearing. Thus, they are loyal and faithful to their loved ones, and their wives. Once they say their vows, it’s until death do you part.

Guys with these characteristics are worth getting to know, and who knows? They may grow on you. Men who are nice, thoughtful, caring, respectful, loyal, smart, outgoing and God-fearing are scarce. They are rare and are the type to settle down and get serious. These characteristics embody what Filipino men are like once you take the time to know them better.

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How to Make Him Want to Propose & Spend the Rest of His Life With You

No woman can wait forever! She wants her boyfriend or the man she has been seriously dating for months to produce the ring and propose! Besides, most women have grown up nurturing the hope of Prince Charming coming her way and asking her to marry him! If you are in this position and need some help to make your man propose to read these tips!

Pushing him will not work
It has been proved time and time again that pressure does not work. Moreover, even if you do force him to marry you, then you can never be convinced in your heart of his love and true feelings for you. The best way is to wait and give him time to propose.

Don’t be too obvious
It is good to hint that you want him to propose subtly, but leaving obvious “loud” signs like leaving wedding magazines all over the place or steering him by “Tiffany’s” and exclaiming over the rings, will make him embarrassed and resentful.

Show him you do not like being kept “hanging.”
If your man has been taking his own sweet time to propose and seems to be comfortable with just dating – let him know that you think it is a good time for you to start making new friends and also date others. If he intends to marry you – he will be horrified with the idea and will quickly produce the ring!

Create a little distance
Don’t allow your man to get the benefits of marriage without the actual “ring”! If he seems reluctant to marry you – let him know that you want something more! Create a little distance and cool off! This will make him realise that he could lose you for good and make a decision regarding the future.

Look for signals
Whether you like it or not, it is better to look for signs and signals that tell you about his intentions and feelings towards marriage. Mentioning the future, kids and marriage will show you if he is for or against commitment. You can work accordingly to get him to propose.

An ultimatum is a last resort
If your man seems impervious to any hints or is being deliberately “dumb” when it comes to settling down and marriage to you, then maybe it is time to tell him that since he is so opposed to commitment, you think it is time to find someone who is not. This will get you the desired result in a jiffy!

Take away the doubts and fears
Talking about his fears and doubts will get him to face them and also overcome them. If he realises that you are the woman who can be a wonderful life partner, he will be more open to considering a future with you.

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