Promise Day

Valentine February 15, 2017 0 Comments

Promise Day is the fifth day of the Valentine’s week which is celebrated annually on 11th of February by the people of any age group. It is one of the special days from the week of Saint Valentine, along with Propose Day (Feb 8), Chocolate Day (Feb 9), Teddy Day (Feb 10), Hug Day (Feb 12), and Kiss Day (Feb 13) and is one of the most important days, because lovers make vows and promises to their loved ones which are meant not to broken ever.

Lovers welcome this day with hearts filled with happiness and love to promise each other for faithfulness, togetherness in any bad or good situations as well as promise to marry. They express each other with their real, deep and true love which makes them able to trust on their relationship more than ever before. Promise brings each one of the relationship more closer by strengthening their bond of love and trust. Lovers and couples promise each other at this day by sending promise cards, taking hand of their loved ones in their own hand and many more ways. Some go to the lovers point and other famous places to make their promises memorable and unique forever.

The month of February is considered to be a lovers’ paradise not without a reason. There are so many days dedicated to the spirit of love and belonging. With today being ‘Promise Day’, you can take the vow to be with your loved one till eternity. A simple confession ‘I Love You’ can do wonders, no doubt but a little promise can seal it with faith. Being honest in any relationship is essential, so when in love practice the same. You can promise assurance to your loved one, saying that you shall always stick together and remain honest to each other. After all, honesty is the best policy. The most important feeling for any relationship to sustain the tide of time is ‘love’. If you feel that, there is no chance your relationship will fail.

Even if you are a man of words, try walking that extra mile for your love—make that little promise of loving each other forever and ever. On the other hand, you can promise something to your best friend. We all want to be happy in life, and these days are not just for the people in love but for friends to strengthen their bond as well. So, if you have someone special then great but if you don’t then worry not. Celebrate this day with your friends with a promise of being happy in any condition. In addition, friendship is the start of any relationship, they say. And, it should be that way, indeed. All the probable lovers, take that as a cue, because no matter you find a love mate or not, but you shall always have a true friend backing you in difficult times. So, in conclusion, use The Promise Day to pledge to value friendship, and your friends. Also, try and keep that friendship with your partner as well!

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