Places to visit in London for Valentine’s Day

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Red roses, gifts, romance; love songs are already embracing the environment to sing out loud. Valentine’s Day is all set to approach. Recreate the plans this year to add spice and luxury to the day. Do not make her settle with chocolate boxes or gifts in 2016. Instead, plan an outing that she will remember all her life.


Romantic dinners to cozy escapes in the vintage hotels with warm up parties. London is known for white festivals and celebrations. So, for all those who adore winters and the snow falling season, here are the best retreats to visit in the romance rich city.

1. Bloomsbury House

In the quietness of classiness in London city, the Bloomsbury house organizes one of the biggest and famous Valentine’s Day party for lovers (broken hearts and promises). It is the perfect place to rejoice each moment of this auspicious day with your spouse. Awesome delicacies with innovative style glasses and arrangement a must visit place for all romantic party lovers. Each room has a surprise hidden for its guests.  Awesome eating, parties and cinemas, Fly here to get pampered.

2. 40 Winks Hotel

As the world’s first micro boutique hotel, this stay is located in the east of London. The hotel is the emblem of seduction and uniqueness with memories to engrave in your lifetime. Here it is not just about the stay it is more than that. Go visit the hotel to know what exactly makes them different from the rest.

3. London Museum

As one of the famous places to visit the London, museum shelters the rich art, culture and social life of prehistoric and modern times. Established in the 1960s, this museum has some extraordinary features those are must watch. For lovers who like to stroll across places and know more about the city, this a must visit the place. Along with the London museum, the city has many other museums to glance at. So, for little less romantic ones you get adventure added to your trip.

4. Cruise on the Thames

Thames River is a big attraction of London. Not just as a river, it is known for the amazing cruise that floats across the city. If you want to book tickets in advance you have the facility to do that. Arrange for a nice date on the cruise and confess to her how much you love her. The cruise gives you the romantic view of the city highlights and gives you a ride of a lifetime.

5. Theatre Passport

For theater lovers, it is the perfect place to wind up the night of Valentine’s Day. The huge theatre accommodation with classics of all time, you and your beloved will share the romantic moments in the midst of coziness. The plays and musicals those you always wanted to see are all here. Enjoy the romance unfurled.

Explore the romance in London and wrap your loved one with the best of surprises all day.

Pack your bags and book tickets soon before you miss the next flight.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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