Teri Chuppi Ka Sabab

तेरी चुप्पी का सबब हम जानते है ।
लरज़ते होंठों की शिकायत हम जानते है ।
मेरी हिचकी भी दे रही है गवाही मुहब्बत की,
तेरे पलकों की हरकत भी हम जानते है ।

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A salute to long distance relationships on Valentine’s Day

The moment people hear of long distance relationship most of them step back. There are only few who take the courage to carry it forward and mark as bold and strong examples amongst their fellow mates.

A long distance relationship is something that can be horrifying for some people and with time some might be used to it.

It might not matter much on the usual days but when you have Valentine’s Day approaching it might appear as one of the worst feelings.

Having lived such a time it is not that miserable the amount others and we make it thinking. It may be hard at times but according to my experience, It is not that bad too.

In a way, it is like each day falling in love again with the bonus of having your own time with family and friends. It also lets you both understand and build the relationship with more trust and maturity than just pillared on the basis of physical needs.

Long distance relationship couples are blessed to have the same feeling of the first date every time they meet their beloved.

Long distance relationship

You get the opportunity to relive the nervousness and loved mixed emotions of the early days of the affair. Isn’t it incredible! You get the chance to declare any day a Valentine’s Day and celebrate your togetherness.

To survive a long distance relationship, one needs to keep his or her mind open. Rather than clustered with negative thoughts and assumptions. Have a positive approach towards the relationship and keep conversations crystal clear. A free conversation and discussion amongst each other makes it easier to take the relationship forward and even put in efforts.

It is not necessary to expect something extravagant on a valentine’s day from your lover. There are chances he or she might have planned something for your next meet so avoid judging before knowing the actual scenario.

Love has no boundaries and even the longest of relationship cannot break this inseparable bond, If you are truly madly deeply in love with each other.

It is not necessary that the boy needs to put in all efforts to impress the girl and spell of rain of gifts on her. As a lover yourself even you can arrange all this for your man and make him feel special on Valentine’s Day. Try dong this and see how he prepares things for you on the next occasion that falls.

Keep your communication strong so that you are there for each other through thick and thin. But do not overdo it as it can hamper the goodness of your understanding.

On this Valentine’s Day do something unique for your love and tell them how much you value this relationship with distance creating no effect.

Instead, be proud that such relationships are stronger and can withstand major storms without getting affected.

So raise a toast to salute all the long distance couples for their dedication, patience and the strength they have to keep the lamp of love alive.

This valentine’s day feel proud of your relationship and love your life and your lover!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Importance of Dating Before Marriage

Dating before marriage is essential. It helps an individual make the decision whether they want to live with the other person for the rest of their life or not. Dating before marriage is usually referred to as courtship, because the relationship has passed the stage of just getting to know each other, but tailoring it towards marriage. The debate surrounding dating and marriage has been in existence for a while now, with some people advocating for it, and others against it all together. Nevertheless, going on dates that leads to marriage or not is still common. This indicates that it is still relevant for a majority of people. When planning to get married, there are a variety of reasons why dating before marriage is necessary and they include:

First, dating before marriage helps you understand your partner better so that you can be able to get along with minimal conflict. The merging of two people from diverse backgrounds is likely to bring with it a lot of ups and downs, so it is better to go through the struggles before marriage, to know if you can cope with them before marriage.

Second, when dating with the main goal being to get married, it helps the couple focus on what they should expect in marriage. This focus will help you evaluate whether you are ready for marriage or not, and the responsibilities that come with it. There are some couples that have realized while dating before marriage, that they are not compatible with each other and have ended the relationship before getting married.

Third, understanding each other’s likes as well as dislikes are most likely to be discovered when dating before marriage. The more you understand your partner, the more likely you will be able to get along even better within the marriage. It is during this courtship period that you get to know what you can handle, and characteristics that you will not be able to live with.

Fourth, future plans and ambitions of a couple are discovered when dating before marriage as they discuss different aspects of their lives. Most of the time, the plans and even ambitions of each partner may differ because they are living individual lives. However, as the courtship progresses it is important to be aware of the possibility of harmonizing future plans, so that you have the same focus.

Fifth, dating before marriage strengthens a relationship because of the various life situations that the couple has to go through together as they prepare for marriage. It is in these life situations that you see your partner for who they are, and their ability to handle different situations that may also arise in marriage. However, for some couples, these situations open up their eyes to the realities of the life they are likely to live in marriage and they choose to opt out.

Results of not dating before marriage

Even with the importance of dating before marriage being emphasized in different types of publications, and married people, there are still couples that decide to forgo dating and just get married. The most obvious result of not getting to know each other before marriage is divorce. Many people who are divorced now, are likely to not have dated before making a decision to get married, and found that they are unable to handle the responsibilities of marriage or to live with the person they married.

Another result of not dating before walking down the aisle is that you are not aware of the goal of the marriage. Lack of focus on where the marriage is heading is likely to bring about conflict because everyone has their own life that they want to live within the marriage. A marriage that does not have a common goal is likely to disintegrate at the first sign of trouble.

In addition, friendship in dating is developed over time, and this cannot be done without courtship between two people. Friendship is important in a marriage because there are times when the feelings of love will not be there, but because you are friends, there are other points of connection.

Overall, dating before marriage is important and should not be neglected if a marriage is to have a chance of survival.

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Top places to visit in the US for Valentine’s Day 2019

After spending beautiful days of love romance, care and understanding, you would well now when your sweetie needs a break. With the Valentine’s Day approaching you cannot think of a better day than this. Hold her hand and fly to the best of places in the US. Elope from the busy workaholic life and spend days in the most romantic destinations.


To take off the tension of choosing the best options here are a few I have chosen for you. The United States is known for celebrating occasions and festivals in the best possible way. So, why not be a part of the city and extract the best of times in your love voyage.

1. Topping Rose House

In the midst of the Hamptons the topping house maintains its vintage luxury wrapped in modern style. It is awarded as one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. It is the perfect place to escape from the city buzz and spend quality time with your beloved. The property is surrounded by art galleries, cafes and spas those will elevate the liveliness in you and pamper in the most exquisite way. For those who want a solace time with their partner here is the place to check in.

2. San Francisco Gourmet Walk

When Andrea realized her love for fine dine she decided to serve the best to her customers. The gourmet walk is a company that defines the culinary ideology and arranges the best of food, wine and service to grace your occasion. Since 2007 her team is guiding about the best of food and arrangements across the US. For all the food loving couple you know whom to contact and will know where to reach for an amazing food to drool for.

3. Puerto Rico (Casino)

For the ocean side lovers and carefree party freaks San Juan Marriot resort and Stellaris casino are the perfect places to crash in. This luxury suite on the Condado beach makes you view a crystal clear site of water and a white sand beach. The place is surrounded by various other night clubs and other enjoyment activities too. Pac your bags and reach this fun loving the place.

4. Boston Massachusetts

For those who adore the vintage era, Boston is the right place to go valentine day celebration. Established in 1822 it is rich in history and culture. Tour around the city and visit the freedom walk foundation trail and many other attractive places.

5. Chicago Horse Ride

Want to take your love for a ride on a dream chariot? Then book your flight for Chicago. The famous horse drawn ride is the best gift you can give your beloved. Book tickets for the ride to take you around the city to view the historic Streeterville and the Lake Michigan. Why to wait to go ahead with the bookings.

Go ahead and plan a dreamy trip for your love and whisper in her ear the love you have for her.

Happy Valentines Day

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Love Tarot Readings and the Ace of Pentacles

In Love Tarot Readings, the Ace of Pentacles can often be a sign that a new relationship is sure to come. Like all Aces, the Ace of Pentacles can indicate new beginnings. What makes this card so special, however, is that it is the card of opportunity. When it comes to love, it suggests that you get ready to take some chances as luck is certainly on your side.

In love Tarot readings, the Ace of Pentacles urges you to put yourself out there. If you find yourself invited to an event, this would be the time to go. If you are attracted to someone, your just may want to let them know. If you have just embarked on a new relationship this can be a period of steady growth and for those of you who are in a steady relationship you can expect your connection to your partner to deepen.

When it comes to love, The Ace of Pentacles can represent relationships that are based in shared values ​​and similar ideals. The Ace of Pentacles can also represent material comforts and achievements. Relationships that fall under its influence often represent those that come with some degree of financial security. Because it is associated with abundance in general, it can represent a successful and long lasting relationship.

The Ace of Pentacles is also associated to practicality and stability. When embarking on a new relationship it would be wise to keep your head out of the clouds and consider if your relationship has a solid enough foundation to support future growth. If you feel the relationship is moving too quickly, it might be wise to get to know each other a little better. Taking the time to get to know your partner will help your relationship later on. In some cases, the Ace of Pentacles can refer to friends that blossom into romantic relationships.

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