A Short Introduction to State of India

India is a Country where can be seen its breathtaking hill stations, beautiful beaches, dazzling wildlife parks & sanctuaries, eye-catching forts & palaces, astounding diversity which can be seen its culture and geography, enchanting rivers etc all are wonders of India. It is for this reason travelers and vacationers from far & wide visit this country every year quite in good number.

World famous mughal cities of Agra, The desert landscapes of Rajasthan, Kerala, known for their superb nature beauty, it is also a paradise to wildlife lovers, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, etc are , Where culture echoes, tradition speaks, loveliness enthralls and diversity delights. India is a land that has witnessed the rise and fall of many empires is today left with the ruins assimilated that silently narrate the fables of the bygone past.

Each and Every state of India has its own charm and attractions to hypnotize all types of tourists whether it is beach lovers, adventurous lovers, wildlife lovers, cultural exploration, pilgrimages, India has it all for you. You never find so attractive and so many tourism options in other countries. Definitely you would be fall in love with incredible wonders and attractions of India.

A Royal Experience in Delhi

Delhi is a mystery of India; It has the excellent combination of old and new, ancient and modern in every stream of life. It is located on the banks of the River Yamuna. It has attracted Emperors, Conquerors and poor in equally. Delhi has many renovated monuments and landmarks such as the, Lodhi Gardens, Purana Qila, Tughlaqabad Fort, Qutub Minar, Humayun's tomb, Jama Masjid, Red Fort, India Gate, Raj Ghat, Akshardham Temple, Bahá'í Lotus temple, and the Magnificent President's house. It can be said that Delhi is a land of 'Dilwalas' or for people with heart. Delhi is just not a city but it is a book- a book that narrates the history of India. Surly you will get a Royal Experience in Delhi.

Perfect Holidays in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is an India's most popular tourist destination. It has a number of dazzling forest glens, lakes and difficulties appear like mirages in the deserts. It is also the first step to Indian tourism blessed with Colorful cultural heritage, invincible forts, ancient monuments, palatial palaces, exotic wildlife with rich flora & fauna, vast desert landscapes, vibrant & historical cities, traditional villages, mouthwatering cuisine, colorful fairs & Festivals, religious places, heritage & palace hotels that will give you a regal feel. Other than the traditional fairs, recently established festivals which involve elephants, camel races, dance and music have been specially organized for the tourists.

The Natural Affluence of Kerala

Kerala is aptly known as the "paradise of travelers" blessed with azure waters of the Arabian Sea, the sun kissed beaches, emerald backwaters, paddy fields, expansive plantations, boat races, exotic wildlife and Kalari, each part of the state has something amazing To offer to the visitors.There are a lot of beaches in the state, which are dotted by several resorts and hotels for the luxurious accommodation. Along the beautiful beaches and the mystifying monsoons, the land of coconuts is bountiful in terms of natural beauty indeed. The combination of the simplicity and beauty of Kerala is mesmerizing.

Immortal Story of Agra

Agra is globally renounced as the city of the Taj Mahal. You may also find a lot of tourism options in Agra as like Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Panch Mahal, or Palace of Five Story, and the Buland Darwaza, a massive gate. It also includes the Jama Masjid a Mosque, Salim Chisti tomb, Diwani- Aam, and Jodh Bai's Palace. In large numbers of Tourists come India to see the seven wonder of the World. It can be said India travel is incomplete without experiencing the Taj Mahal.

One land desire to see Ladakh

Ladakh is aptly known as the "The land of Cold desert". It is a very beautiful and colorful land blessed with magnificent land of numerous historic monuments including palaces, forts, temples, etc that the tourists visiting this region lost their heart and gain peace of mind and soul. There are a number of interesting places and monasteries to visit in and around Leh, such as – The Leh Palace, the monasteries of Shey, Hemis, Alchi, Thikse and Lamayuru that can easily fascinate even the most seasoned traveler.

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Mein Tumse Pyaar Karu

Mein Tumse Pyaar Karu,
Tum par ye Jaan Nisaar karu,
Gar Milne Tum aao Hume,
Subha se Shaam Tera Intezaar karu..

Baat kya hai Mere Dilme,
Gar Paas aao to batadu,
Hotho pe Tere Pyaar bhardu,
Aapne Naino me Tujhe Basadu..

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He Doesn’t Want a Relationship! Here Is Some Bitter But Truthful Advice for You

I am sure you have been sitting there in deep thought trying to figure out how you can get your man to finally have a relationship with you.

But so far, I am guessing you haven’t had much luck right? Let me start off with some bitter truth for you – Almost every man out there who says he doesn’t want a relationship will actually get into a relationship at some point in his life. That’s a guarantee.

But the person he will be into a relationship with may or may not be you. You see when a guy says that he doesn’t want a relationship what he is indirectly saying is that he doesn’t want a relationship with you. Let’s discuss this in a bit more detail…

If he wants a relationship with you, there wouldn’t be any excuses…

If he has a clear mind and really wants a relationship with you then no excuse in the world will be big enough to stop him. And at the same time if he is unclear and isn’t sure about whether he really wants a relationship with you or not then every excuse will seem really big.

When a guy starts looking for more excuses on to be with you instead of looking for reasons to be with you then its really obvious that he doesn’t want a relationship with you.

But what if he changes his mind?

Well, we have already established that if a guy really wants to be with you, he won’t make any excuses.

But I am sure now you are wondering, well what if he finally changes his mind and is ready for a relationship? Well I would like to ask you – When do you feel that time would come?

If he isn’t ready for it right now, when do you feel he is ever going to be ready? And at the same time how long are you actually willing to wait? How long are you willing to handle the confusion, pain and frustration of not knowing when he is going to finally make up his mind?

If things aren’t getting better, they’re only getting worse…

In the process of thinking that maybe he might change his mind some day many women just stick around anyway and let things run the way they are running.

But do you know what actually happens in the process? Things actually end up getting worse. When you want a relationship but he doesn’t, you have two people with completely different goals. Therefore you will push him towards your goal and he will try to push you towards his. And in the process you will only experience more arguments, disagreements and frustration. Eventually you will realize that he isn’t going to change his mind and is always going to be confused about you.

And that would be the time when you will feel the need to let him go.

Always remember that…

You can’t change his mind, or persuade him into wanting a relationship with you…

And the sooner you get this the better it’s going to be for you. Don’t sit around thinking that some day you will be able to convince him to want a relationship with you. If he is scared of a relationship right now, what makes you say that he will be less scared in the future?

You can’t make him want a relationship and at the same time you can’t convince or persuade him either. It just won’t work, and the harder you will try, the more distant he will get from you.

So what do I do now?

So what can you do? Do you really have two many options? Here are two things you can do –

Stick around and hope he will change his mind.


Let him go on good terms.

I would suggest that it will be better to let him go momentarily. Because if he really wants you; then he will come back for sure.

But if he doesn’t, then you were with the wrong person to begin with. Always remember – There is another person out there who will be more than happy to be with you. So go find that person instead of wasting the precious moments of your life waiting for someone who doesn’t even want a relationship.

Points to remember –

– If he doesn’t want a relationship then he is indirectly saying that he doesn’t want a relationship with you. He isn’t saying he doesn’t want a relationship at all because some day he will be in a relationship with someone else for sure.

– Don’t wait for him to change his mind about you, if he hasn’t made up his mind already, what is he really waiting for?

– Cut him off and let him miss you. Let him know that you aren’t going to sit around and wait for him if he isn’t ready for a relationship. If he can’t make up his mind about you, then let him know that you can’t make up your mind about him either.

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My Husband Wants To See Where Our Relationship Leads During Our Separation – What Does This Mean?

One thing that frustrates many wives who are newly separated or taking a husband initiated "break" from their marriage is the husband's lack of clarity about how things are going to work. The wife often wants that he could be specific about how things are going to unfold in the days and weeks to come. Often, what she'd like is for him to define the relationship and to specify how often they are going to see each other, how intimate they're going to be, and quite how things are going to end up with their relationship and Their marriage.

Usually though, the exact opposite happens. The husband wants to leave things more open ended because he is not sure what he wants. I recently heard from a wife who said: "I am so frustrated right now. My marriage has been struggling for a while, but rather than agreeing to get counseling, my husband announced that he's moving out and he wants to separate. Wishes to see either otherwise regularly and he does not intend to file for a divorce any time soon. But, he's adamant that he just wants to just be friends for a while and "see where our relationship leads." What in the world does He mean by this? We're married and now he wants to back up to a friendly relationship and see if that friendship ever turns into a romance? Is not that back?

Questions like these are very common and the wife is often quite responsive to play along because she's worried that the husband wants to have his cake and eat it too. The wives often think that this whole "let's be friends" business is just a way to get the wife to agree to separate without putting up too much of a fight. And meanwhile, the husband is free to explore living living on his own while technically still having a friendly wife at home to fall back on.

I understand these concerns because I felt them myself. And it's very tempting to want to tell your husband that you are not buying any of this and do not want any part of his plan. But often, pushing him into making a permanent decision could backfire. Very often when wives play this card, the husband will simply reply that if you'd rather have less contact, a formal separation, or a divorce, then he will understand. So sometimes, it becomes obvious that if you want regular access to him (which you are going to need if you want to save your marriage) it's best to realize that two can play this game and that you can play it every bit as well as He can.

What A Husband Generally Means When He Says He Wants To "See Where Your Relationship Leads": I know that this is a very vague phrase which can make it sound as if your husband is talking in riddles. But I do correspond with a lot of men who reach out to me my blog and I can tell you that often when they go with the whole "let's just see where out relationship leads" stance what they're trying to tell you is that they They are not sure about your marriage but they are not prepared to lose you or walk away from you at this time.

They often feel like things are falling apart in your marriage and they need some time to clear their head to determine where to go from here. With that said, they are not willing to walk away or they would have already done so. So while the "let's start by being friends" stand can mean that they're enjoying the best of both worlds (no longer living with you but still having access to the relationship,) it can also mean that, at least for now, they Have not closed the door.

How To Play It When You're Waiting "To See Where The Relationship Leads:" I know that this can be a very difficult situation to navigate. You're accustomed between wanting to give him the space he obviously needs to wanting to feel some reassurance. So it can be very tempting to push for more than he wants to give, especially at first. It's scary to back off and let him come to his own conclusions.

But much of the time, that's exactly what you need to do because if you push too hard, he may come to believe that giving you this much access to him just is not working. He might think that he feels more pressure rather than feeling less, and so to get relief from this, he may be tempted to draw a line in the sand and cut his ties more quickly. If you're trying to save your marriage, you can not afford for this to happen.

So often the best thing to do is to make it appear as if you're playing along. Sure, you'll be his friend, but you will not be at his beck and call either. The thing that most women in this situation do not realize is that you can often flip this around and use it to you advantage. Sure, you do not have complete access to him, but on the flip side, this means that he does not have full access to you either, which allows you to create a little mystery and scarcity. Things which are not immediately available are often perceived as more valuable. This is just human nature.

So I'd caution you on making it too obvious that you're hanging on his every decision. He wants and is going to take his space and that's unfortunate. But, this gives you an opportunity to do your own thinking and soul searching. It will often put you in a better position if you keep a positive attitude and remain confident that this new arrangement is going to lead him right back to you. And this means that you do not have to experience the inner turmoil that leads you to do desperate things or to appear needy and unsure. Because both of these things will make you seem less attractive to him.

So as hard as it is (and I do know that it's hard,) I believe that the best thing to do in this situation is put a smile on your face and tell him that he can take whatever time needs and that you will do The same. In the meantime, make the most of those friendly times you're spending together. But do not move too quickly. Allow for things to unfold at their own pace and allow him to take the lead sometimes.

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How to Avoid Just Being a Fling to Him? 7 Ways to Make Him Take You Extremely Seriously

There are many sad and disillusioned women today who have found themselves cast away like an old shoe! If you want to avoid being taken advantage of and just a fling to the man you love, make sure you do the right things to make him take you seriously. Here are some awesome ways to make him serious about you.

Don’t get too chummy with him
If you get too friendly, chummy and familiar with him too early in the relationship, you are bound to force yourself and your charms on him. He will definitely think you are always going to be there for the taking and therefore he will stop having real feelings for you. He will regard you as someone with whom he can just have a good time without being committed.

Don’t let him put his stamp of authority on you
Don’t let him bully you in any way. If you allow him to rule your life in every way, he is bound to take you for granted and there will be nothing to stop him from discarding you when he has had enough of you! Let him know that you need to be respected and have a mind of your own right from the beginning.

Don’t settle for second best
In fear of being alone or being passed over, a woman can settle for second best. This can lead to the guy treating her badly or even leaving her when he has had enough! If you don’t want to be a fling or a passing affair to him, make sure he comes to know the type of person you are and make him fall deeply in love with you.

Don’t let him have his way too often
If you let him have his way too often with you, he is bound to get spoilt and pampered. This will make him selfish and he will begin to treat you badly. If you put your foot down and make him realize that you are not going to stand being treated like a fling, he will be forced to acknowledge your feelings.

Make him fall in love with your character
The more he falls in love with you, the more he will become serious about you. It is only when he is not really in love with you and your character that he can behave in a manner that proves that he is only playing with you. Once he loves you deeply, he will never treat you like a fling.

Prove yourself to him in every way
A man needs to see for himself if you are worth his love and commitment. Unless he is truly convinced and sure of your character, qualities and traits, only then he will be able to think of you as someone he can get serious with. As long as he does not have proof of your admirable traits, he will find it difficult to get serious about you.

Make sure you earn his respect
Do things that will prove that you are honest and trustworthy. These qualities will help you earn his respect. Once he respects you he will never be able to treat you like a fling or a “passing fancy”. He will never be satisfied with having a casual relationship with you. He will want something more.

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