Most romantic songs to dedicate this Valentine’s Day

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If you pick up the history of the music world or look into the trends today romance is the genre that is most loved by all. Whether, it is a wedding, proposal or even a date. These songs can really set the mood and create the perfect ambience.

Now that the air is filled with love and affection, I present to you the perfect playlist to hum this cozy valentine with your loved ones.

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1. I will always love you ( Whitney Houston)

An all-time favourite song to dedicate to your love or even sing along. The lyrics are deep and when the tempo rises in the chorus your souls feel each word and the promise of love. A melody you can hear during the evening dance at your date.

2. I knew I loved you (Savage Garden)

Savage garden is known for his soulful love songs those define romance in the simplest way. Amongst his famous hits, this song definitely tops the chart. A love-filled the song with a mesmerizing music that has been adding more love to Valentine’s Day since the 90’s.

3. I Just Called to Say I Love You (Stevie Wonder)

This is one of my most played songs during Valentine’s Day. 90’s really had some great music to bring the romantic side of writers and musicians out. This is another track that made history by being widely acclaimed by people across the world.

4. Love Story (Taylor Swift)

In the era of hard rock and modern music Taylor Swift took romance to another level and mixed it with the modern essence.

The song love story became an all time hit. It reminds us of the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet in the most amazing manner. For today’s generation, this is a song to played song on Valentine’s Day.

5. When you say nothing at all (Ronan Keating)

For the couples who express less and feel more, you can dedicate this song to your lady love. Let her know you are aware of what she needs and wants to be treated. Sing for her with open arms and express how much you love her.

6. Baby (Justin Bieber)

For the young couples, this is the first hit by Justin Bieber a cute peppy song to sing for your loved one on this day. You can even prepare a nice surprise for her, dancing and showing a few moves she has yet not seen.

7. My heart will go on (Celine Dion)

Just like the film, the epic song from Titanic is also the most played song every Valentine’s Day. The poignant music that touches every soul and the strong voice of Celine Dion has given a gift to the music industry that is unmatched.

These are handpicked favorites, create an amazing playlist for your date with a few more additions to melt her in you and show your endless love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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