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How to Avoid Just Being a Fling to Him? 7 Ways to Make Him Take You Extremely Seriously

There are many sad and disillusioned women today who have found themselves cast away like an old shoe! If you want to avoid being taken advantage of and just a fling to the man you love, make sure you do the right things to make him take you seriously. Here are some awesome ways to make him serious about you.

Don’t get too chummy with him
If you get too friendly, chummy and familiar with him too early in the relationship, you are bound to force yourself and your charms on him. He will definitely think you are always going to be there for the taking and therefore he will stop having real feelings for you. He will regard you as someone with whom he can just have a good time without being committed.

Don’t let him put his stamp of authority on you
Don’t let him bully you in any way. If you allow him to rule your life in every way, he is bound to take you for granted and there will be nothing to stop him from discarding you when he has had enough of you! Let him know that you need to be respected and have a mind of your own right from the beginning.

Don’t settle for second best
In fear of being alone or being passed over, a woman can settle for second best. This can lead to the guy treating her badly or even leaving her when he has had enough! If you don’t want to be a fling or a passing affair to him, make sure he comes to know the type of person you are and make him fall deeply in love with you.

Don’t let him have his way too often
If you let him have his way too often with you, he is bound to get spoilt and pampered. This will make him selfish and he will begin to treat you badly. If you put your foot down and make him realize that you are not going to stand being treated like a fling, he will be forced to acknowledge your feelings.

Make him fall in love with your character
The more he falls in love with you, the more he will become serious about you. It is only when he is not really in love with you and your character that he can behave in a manner that proves that he is only playing with you. Once he loves you deeply, he will never treat you like a fling.

Prove yourself to him in every way
A man needs to see for himself if you are worth his love and commitment. Unless he is truly convinced and sure of your character, qualities and traits, only then he will be able to think of you as someone he can get serious with. As long as he does not have proof of your admirable traits, he will find it difficult to get serious about you.

Make sure you earn his respect
Do things that will prove that you are honest and trustworthy. These qualities will help you earn his respect. Once he respects you he will never be able to treat you like a fling or a “passing fancy”. He will never be satisfied with having a casual relationship with you. He will want something more.

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What Psychological Factors Make a Guy Feel Love For a Woman? Here is What a Woman Should Know

Man’s ego

Many men feel incomplete and unsuccessful unless they have a good woman at their side. Man’s ego is boosted when he has a woman of his own. He wants to show her off to his friends and boast about her beauty! The more he knows that he is envied on account of his woman, the more successful he feels.

Man’s protective instinct

From ancient times, man has proved to have an inborn protective instinct that makes him want to look after and have his own family. He automatically and naturally starts looking for the woman who can fulfill his desires and be his in every way! This basic instinct makes him fall in love with a woman.

The Missing Rib syndrome

When a man finds the “perfect” soul mate he is totally satisfied. He unconsciously looks for his missing rib! When he finds her, he tends to look at her as a part of him and feels incomplete and lost without her. This is why he falls in love with a woman and wants to make her his so that he feels complete!

The need to find a soul mate

Most men feel the need to find their soul mate. It is imperative to find a woman who is compatible in every way. This urge in a man to find the woman of his dreams makes him pursue a woman he is attracted to and very soon he finds himself falling in love with her! He wants to find a woman who will be with him and support him in every way.

Mental vibes

Not all men go for just physical beauty. Most of them are turned on by intelligence. Therefore men have a basic need to be able to vibe mentally and intellectually before they can fall in love with a woman. This makes them feel more secure and sure of a happy relationship.


Men do have a competitive spirit and if one man finds a woman to share his life with, then his best friends wants to do the same! This is why you find many men doing their utmost to get to know a woman better so as to fall in love with them. It gives them a great feeling of achievement to be able to love a woman.

Innate desire to conquer

Men want to be in a position to chase and pursue the woman they like. This is a thrilling adventure for most of them and the fact that they have conquered the unattainable makes them happy. This need to conquer and capture makes them fall head over heels with the woman once they have succeeded.

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How to Be an Aggressive Lover – Hot and Sexy Ways to Be a Little Wilder With Men

Being a bit on the wild side sure is fun and exciting. And of course, being an aggressive lover makes you more up-for-grabs making you an instant target to the pursuit. When it comes to men, we women tend to be a bit too religious in following our standards and other so-called lists about the ideal man and the like. But when you get bitten by attraction, you also want to do lengths to get them totally attracted back to you. So how to be an aggressive lover? Below are the five hot and sexy ways to be a little wilder and more fun with men!

aggressive lover

  1. Express yourself more. It’s a better way for both of you to get to know each other better. And of course, expressing yourself is the right way to — know how to speak your mind and get yourself heard is something that’s definitely worth it — knowing how to express yourself is actually pretty sexy.
  2. Show your wilder side. Aggressiveness is all about letting loose and showing how to be on the wild side every time in a while — it helps us to be human. So when you’re feeling all impulsive and on for a spur-of-the-moment moment, then give in to spontaneity and just wing it! Always be relaxed, cool and comfortable. Come on, girl, learn how to chill. It’s never wrong to just let your hair down and practically just get in there and have fun. There’s no need to feel stressed about it. Heck, flirting is all about having a great time!
  3. Initiate the first move. Well, why not? Most girls are making the first move nowadays and it sure does work well in their advantage — not to mention that it adds up to your sex appeal and confidence making you an instant hot babe to the opposite sex.
  4. Have fun flirting. Flirting is practically good for you! Better believe it. It’s healthy. We all need to wind up and mingle with the opposite sex every once in a while. So go out there, get dates and have a hell of time flirting! It’ll win you the guys and get you to have the hang of things in no time.

Being an aggressive lover is not that bad after all! It’s actually the exact opposite. Men love aggressive girls and it will not hurt to unleash the tiger in you sometimes, sweet girl. It’s always great to live on the edge and to try something different every time in a while too.

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How to Keep a Guy Interested After You Slept With Him? 7 Things You Must Do As Fast As Possible

Some women make the mistake of sleeping with their man after only a few dates, some even as early as the first date. When this happens, the guy’s tendency is to lose interest in a girl once he already slept with her. However, sleeping with a man on the first date doesn’t always mean the relationship can no longer go somewhere. Here are some tips to keep him interested:

Make it impossible for him not to notice you

Even though you slept with him, this does mean that he would no longer be attracted to you, especially if you make an effort to look good. When you are always in your most gorgeous self, it would be impossible for him to just forget you easily.

Let him know that you are interested in him

You have to let this man know that you like him and that you are not just looking for a one night stand. Tell him that you are interested in him and that you would want to go out and, maybe, get to know him more.

Have your own life

You can keep a guy interested when he sees that you have your own life. Guys are interested with women who are independent and who do not need a guy to be happy.

Act like sleeping with him was not a big deal

This would absolutely drive him crazy! Do not let it seem as if sleeping with him is such a big deal to you, even if it really is. Act casually around him, as if nothing happened between the two of you. Be open, still, in asking him out on another date or hanging out with him.

Stop being clingy

There are some women who act so clingy after sleeping with the guy. They feel that the relationship is at a whole new level and that they already have the authority to dictate to a man all of his actions. Do not act as if this man is now your possession. Being clingy would definitely drive this man away faster than ever.

Connect with him in other aspects

You do not have to close your doors to the fact that you two can still connect on other things, aside from the physical aspect. Get to know this person more by asking him things about himself. For all you know, you have more things in common with this guy than all the other guys you have dated in the past.

Prove to him that you are not that kind of a woman

Some guys would lose interest because they do not see a woman who gives herself too easily as someone who is worth respecting. Let him know that you are not like any of these women. Prove that you are also someone to be respected, and that you also value yourself.

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How to Use Hairy Women Personals Dating to Find a Hirsute Woman in Your Town

If you have a hairy woman fetish, chances are pretty good that you have considered hairy women personals dating at one time or other. You are not alone. Attraction to hirsute women is very common indeed. A great many men like yourself are stimulated by a woman’s hairy armpit, her thick mass of pubic hair, her downy growth of hair on both arms and legs.

The trouble is, most hairy ladies are either embarrassed to advertise this fact about themselves or unaware that it stirs such longing and adoration in men like yourself. I’m going to tell you about a simple little trick to find out which women in your town – women with excess hair on their bodies – are actively looking for a date or a casual encounter. The beauty is, you can find out who these women are in your town for free, by simply joining a free community.

Imagine you could go to your local mall and look around with x-ray vision. Imagine further if you could see which women were hairy. Would it not be nice to know which of these ladies wanted a date or something more intimate? The simple solution is to become a member of a large dating community; not, I hasten to add, a local dating site. Most people join big dating services. If you do so, you will have more chance of finding a hairy date.

These sites have two types of community: free and paid. Most people join the free community at first. Once you have a membership and a profile, simply put in a search for hairy females in your neighborhood. Most top dating sites will let you do it. You will now have a list of local women who are hairy and looking for men like yourself. You might even be surprised at how many hirsute ladies you recognize!

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