Amazing places to visit in Australia for Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine February 15, 2017 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day is a nice excuse to take your loved out and enjoy the romance. So why not grab the opportunity this year. Amongst all the other famous destinations across the globe, Australia is counted as one of the most adventurous continents to visit for any kind of trip.


Since, we are talking about Valentine’s Day and romance. I decided to pick the most love enhancing places of Australia to suggest you for this Valentine’s Day.

1. Qualia Resort

If you hear about Hamilton Island the name of Qualia Resort is sure to come up. As one of the most exquisite resort in the world, it is a new world in itself. For those who love to have their own time and know each other better, this is the place you should reach. Here time doubles giving you bonus moments to be with each other.

2. Sandcay the Great Barrier Reef

The perfect gifts from the Great Barrier Reef for all you love birds.  The thrill to fly over the beautiful clear sea and walk over the white sand will feel awesome.  Spend solace time or arrange for a romantic picnic with preparation according to your wish. You even get wine and beer treats with a gourmet food arrangement.

3. White Heaven Beach

On the white Sunday Island, the beautiful white heaven beach is located. With the accessibility of boat, you get to have a romantic sail to the mesmerizing island. The best part about the beach side is that the sand is white in color making it reflect heat and not absorb. This makes it easy to walk comfortably and have a nice time walking, swimming and romancing with your loved ones without feeling the heat.

Elope to the island of love and see the adventurous side of your affair.

4. Sydney Harbor Dinner

Love titanic style cruise dinner than the harbor dinner in Sydney is the perfect place. At the bank of the sea, you get an exotic dinner served for you. A cruise rides with entertainment at the utmost level. Watch the city lights up with the view of the beautiful sunset. Hold her hand at the edge of the ship deck to feel the breeze and the incredible warmth of Australia like never before.

Apart from these famous places, Australia has a lot more tourist destinations at its embrace. Fly all the way to this continent to experience the time worth spending.

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