A salute to long distance relationships on Valentine’s Day

Valentine May 22, 2019 0 Comments

The moment people hear of long distance relationship most of them step back. There are only few who take the courage to carry it forward and mark as bold and strong examples amongst their fellow mates.

A long distance relationship is something that can be horrifying for some people and with time some might be used to it.

It might not matter much on the usual days but when you have Valentine’s Day approaching it might appear as one of the worst feelings.

Having lived such a time it is not that miserable the amount others and we make it thinking. It may be hard at times but according to my experience, It is not that bad too.

In a way, it is like each day falling in love again with the bonus of having your own time with family and friends. It also lets you both understand and build the relationship with more trust and maturity than just pillared on the basis of physical needs.

Long distance relationship couples are blessed to have the same feeling of the first date every time they meet their beloved.

Long distance relationship

You get the opportunity to relive the nervousness and loved mixed emotions of the early days of the affair. Isn’t it incredible! You get the chance to declare any day a Valentine’s Day and celebrate your togetherness.

To survive a long distance relationship, one needs to keep his or her mind open. Rather than clustered with negative thoughts and assumptions. Have a positive approach towards the relationship and keep conversations crystal clear. A free conversation and discussion amongst each other makes it easier to take the relationship forward and even put in efforts.

It is not necessary to expect something extravagant on a valentine’s day from your lover. There are chances he or she might have planned something for your next meet so avoid judging before knowing the actual scenario.

Love has no boundaries and even the longest of relationship cannot break this inseparable bond, If you are truly madly deeply in love with each other.

It is not necessary that the boy needs to put in all efforts to impress the girl and spell of rain of gifts on her. As a lover yourself even you can arrange all this for your man and make him feel special on Valentine’s Day. Try dong this and see how he prepares things for you on the next occasion that falls.

Keep your communication strong so that you are there for each other through thick and thin. But do not overdo it as it can hamper the goodness of your understanding.

On this Valentine’s Day do something unique for your love and tell them how much you value this relationship with distance creating no effect.

Instead, be proud that such relationships are stronger and can withstand major storms without getting affected.

So raise a toast to salute all the long distance couples for their dedication, patience and the strength they have to keep the lamp of love alive.

This valentine’s day feel proud of your relationship and love your life and your lover!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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