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Love Status

Each person has his Status, New love status for Whatsapp 2016 You should know that you can express their your condition without any words, you can do it for example, by status for Whatsapp or picture or Or just an expression appears on your face And your voice It is a very important Operator to know your status But Best and most beautiful of these methods at all is love status on Whatsapp, why ? Because Whatsapp In each house, So you can access to anyone and you are at your place so love quotes website Submits to you an amazing cute love status Let us review our love status.ads love status for Whatsapp 1. Things will never change is love is true inside.2. I will never repay your love, as its incredible.3. Love works wonder If it’s bound with patience.4. Patience is a key of the successful lover.5. The best love is the kind that stirs the spirit; that makes us go after additional, that plants the flame in our souls and conveys peace to our psyches. That is the thing that I..

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आँखों आँखों में

कोई आँखों आँखों में बात कर लेता है, कोई आँखों आँखों में इकरार कर लेता है, बड़ा मुश्किल होता है जवाब दे पाना, जब कोई खामोश रहकर भी सवाल कर लेता है

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Great Love Shayari in Hindi

Great Love Shayari in Hindi मिले तो हजारो लोग थे, ज़िन्दगी में; पर वो सब से अलग थी, जो किस्मत में नहीं थी! टूटता हुआ तारा सबकी दुआ पूरी करता है.. क्यों के उसे टूटने का दर्द मालूम होता है… लाश पता नही किस बदकिस्मत की थी, मगर क़ातिल के …

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